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4 Arm Pirouette Fountain Nozzle, Brass

4 Arm Pirouette Fountain Nozzle, Brass

$ 69.00

The Pirouette nozzles rotating multi stream creates clear jets in animated swirling, spinning effect. Rotation is done via water output from four-angled nozzle that turn with the vertical fifth center nozzle. Rotation, speed and display size are adjustable with the water control valve. Pirouette nozzles are medium to large size nozzles that are water level independent.
Inlet 1" 1 1/2"
Item Height 6" 6 1/4"
Item Weight (lbs) 1.6 1.9
Pressure (psi) 7.3 14.5
Flow (gpm) 15.4 35.2
Display Height 6.5' 10'

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