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Cluster Fountain Nozzle, Stainless Steel

Cluster Fountain Nozzle, Stainless Steel

$ 49.99

Cluster is a small to medium size nozzle provides attractive cluster water pattern. It creates a sparkling and unique firework effect of clear streams that are stable in wind. Cluster is ideal for small and medium size displays and it is water level independent.
Inlet 1" 1 1/2"
Item Height 3 1/2" 3 1/2"
Item Weight (lbs) 1.11 1.17
Pressure (psi) 5.8-14.5 7.3-14.5
Flow (gpm) 30.8-44.0 39.6-57.2
Display Height 6.6'-11.5' 6.6'-13.1'

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