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Ionic Column Fountain Nozzle, Brass

Ionic Column Fountain Nozzle, Brass

$ 75.99

Ionic column is a medium adjustable clear stream nozzle developed to display with a minimum of distortion. It can be implemented as a single fountain or in groups. Ionic column is designed for precision vertical columns or trajectory patterns as desired with wind-stable full jet. Columns are water level independent and can be located in dry areas.
Inlet 1" 1 1/2"
Item Height 5 7/8" 11"
Item Weight (lbs) 1.5 3.8
Pressure (psi) 43.5-65.3 39.2-60.9
Flow (gpm) 7.0-10.2  7.2-8.3
Display Height 452.1'-557.7' 649.6'-757.8'

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